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Questions and answers about the co-location

On 2 April, the faculty's dean made the decision to co-locate:

  • Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC) 
  • Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science (INES)
  • Department of Geology

The organisations will be co-located at the Geocentre, Sölvegatan 10–12 in Lund.

Co-locating CEC, INES, and the Department of Geology is a long-term strategic choice for the development of the Faculty of Science's activities in environmental science, climate, geology, physical geography, and ecosystem science. It is also a necessary decision to optimise the faculty's use of space and reduce rental costs.

The basic premises review conducted in spring 2023 showed that it is possible to co-locate CEC, INES, and the Department of Geology at the Geocentre. A more comprehensive premises investigation was carried out in autumn 2023 and confirmed the possibility of co-locating the organisations. A test schedule showed that the building can be used for the education offered by the organisations.

Some renovations and adjustments to the premises are needed to meet the operational needs identified in the premises investigation and in the preliminary premises programme that has been developed.

Research on environment and climate, geology and physical geography and ecosystem science is an area of strength within our faculty. Co-locating scientific research and education in these areas is an initiative to create a stable base that can strengthen these strategically important research areas and provide opportunities for further collaboration.

By placing the organisations together at the Geocentre, campus development on Sölvegatan could be enriched and the so-called “Kunskapsstråket” strengthened. The premises at the Geocentre are also well-suited for outreach activities.

The heads of the two departments and the director of CEC have the ultimate responsibility for how staff will be placed in the premises in connection with the co-location. Proposals for the placement of staff should be finalised by 3 June 2024.

The co-location should be completed no later than 1 September 2025. A joint scheduling of the education activities at the Geocentre should take place no later than the autumn semester of 2025.

All information regarding a co-location will be communicated internally within the respective organisations. General information about the co-location and coordination of a joint department will be published here on the faculty's internal website, both in Swedish and English. The information will be updated continuously.