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Communication of quality enhancement work and its results

Staff, students and other stakeholders are to be able to easily access information about the faculty’s quality enhancement work and its results. In order to provide support for the communication of this information, the Faculty of Science has approved a communication plan for quality assurance and quality enhancement within first and second-cycle courses and study programmes for the period 2019–2024.

Communication plan

The aim and overarching goal of the communication plan is to increase awareness and understanding of quality enhancement work, both internally and externally, by improving engagement and participation in the enhancement work and enabling dialogue between teaching staff, students and other personnel. The plan is intended to disseminate information about the quality assurance system and its methods, and communicate the information and results generated within the enhancement work in an accessible way.

Activity plans

The communication plan does not include detailed communication activities, these are instead described in activity plans, prepared annually and approved by the faculty’s Study Programmes Board. Activity plans summarise:

  • The aim of each particular communication effort
  • Which target audience the activity is primarily aimed at
  • What media is used, and who is responsible
  • The status of the timing of planned implementation

Activities always have one or more explicit aim to reach the goal of the communication plan.

Summary of our communication work


In 2024, our communication efforts will primarily focus on informing about the faculty’s study programme evaluations and making department-specific results accessible.


During 2023, our communication efforts have mostly involved making documents related to the faculty's study programmes accessible and communicating the quality work in connection with study programme-specific evaluations.


In 2022, our communication efforts have mostly been concerned with increasing awareness of results from completed studies, projects and new courses in teaching and learning in higher education.


Over the course of 2021, our work focused on developing information for various student groups through websites, the intranet and on our learning platform, Canvas.


The focus in 2020 was on developing faculty-wide websites and about quality enhancement work.


During 2019, the focus was on developing a communication plan for the quality enhancement work.