Nominating Committee and elections

For the term 1 april 2018 – 31 mars 2021

The task of the nominating committee is to prepare nominations and propose members for the faculty board and the electoral college. The nominating committee also proposes a dean and pro-deans.

The nominating committee comprises five teaching staff members, two representatives of other staff categories and two students. The employee organisations are each entitled to appoint one representative, who has the right to attend nominating committee meetings, make statements and proposals. The students only take part in the work of preparing and submitting proposals for candidates for the positions of dean, pro-deans and external members of the faculty board.


  • Marie Dacke, Chair, teaching staff
  • Johan Bijnens, teaching staff
  • Harry Lankreijer, teaching staff
  • Else Lytken, teaching staff
  • Kenneth Wärnmark, teaching staff
  • Cajsa Andersson, other staff
  • Ragnhild Möller, other staff
  • Two student representatives