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Quality management

First, second and third-cycle education
Here, you can read about quality management at the Faculty of Science and find the policy documents, plans and rules and regulations on which it is based. Quality enhancement of the programmes is a valuable outcome of quality management.

Main components of the faculty’s quality management

The faculty’s quality assurance and quality management of education comprise four main components:

  • Annual organisational discussions
  • Area-specific evaluations
  • Programme and subject-specific evaluations
  • Evaluation of quality management

Annual organisational discussions

The annual organisational discussions between faculty management, the respective department management and students’ unions are at the hub of the follow up and evaluation of the programmes’ quality and of quality management in general. The discussions are based on a number of issues and specialised areas. The results are documented, for example in self-evaluations and development plans, which are followed up annually.

Area-specific evaluations

Area-specific evaluations, internal and external, are conducted as required after drafting by the faculty’s Study Programmes Board and Research Programmes Board.

Programme and subject-specific evaluations

All degree programmes are evaluated at least every six years. The evaluation is a peer review and external experts take part in the work. The supporting documentation for this work includes the departments’ self-evaluations, development plans, results from special development projects and any area-specific evaluations.

Evaluation of quality management

The faculty’s quality management and its results are evaluated and reported to the Faculty Board every six years.

Policy documents and plans

The faculty has developed plans that, among other things, describe special development projects, evaluations, responsibilities and schedules for quality management.

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