Staff recruitment

The human resources team can help you recruit

The Faculty of Science human resources team includes certified recruitment specialists who can help you throughout the recruitment process, from initiation to recruitment and appointment decision. They can provide assistance with vacancy notices, interview situations, and tests for candidates. Contact the human resources team’s recruitment coordinator at an early stage for professional and quality-assured recruitment.

Contact information for the faculty's human resources team

The recruitment process in four stages

The recruitment process can be divided into four stages:

  1. Needs analysis prior to recruitment
  2. Advertisement of vacancy
  3. Processing of applications
  4. Decision on appointment

The recruitment process for different categories of staff

The recruitment of academic staff and doctoral students is more tightly regulated than recruitment in other staff categories. Academic appointments are dealt with by the Faculty of Science Academic Appointments Board and the right to take decisions on doctoral studentships has been delegated to the departments.

Recruitment of technical and administrative staff, research staff, doctoral students, and fixed-term teaching posts is conducted through the recruitment system Varbi.