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Apply for grants and scholarships

On this webpage, we publish calls for research funding that come to the attention of the Faculty Office.

Nominate candidates for Wallenberg Academy Fellows 2023

It’s time to nominate candidates for the Wallenberg Academy Fellows, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation’s programme for young researchers. The call has been published on the foundation’s website, but please note that Lund University has internal management rules.

Nominations within the Faculty of Science should be sent to Tobias Nilsson (tobias [dot] nilsson [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se) no later than 16 September and should follow the instructions in Appendix 1 of the Lund University management rules. The Head of Department is responsible for the nomination letter that must be attached to the nomination according to the instructions. In order for the faculty to add a brief description of the prioritization process, the nomination letter must be a maximum of 6,600 characters (including spaces). For each application, the Head of Department must also submit a signed co-financing certificate in accordance with the template. The department will finance all overhead costs not covered by the Vice-Chancellor.

University funding for thematic collaboration initiatives 2023–2025

The Lund University External Engagement Council has announced a call for applications concerning funding for up to four thematic collaboration initiatives starting in January 2023. Thematic collaboration initiatives should be cross-disciplinary and include at least three faculties and at least one external partner. Grants will be made of up SEK 1 million per year for three years.

The application deadline is 23 September.

Funding for thematic collaboration initiatives (

Funding for Future Innovations

Do you have an idea that could become a new product, service or way of working? Together with Sparbanken Skåne, LU Innovation is giving out SEK 500,000 for future innovations.

The application deadline is 10 August.

Apply for funding for Future Innovations (

STINT Teaching Sabbatical programme

Lund University has the opportunity to nominate three candidates for the programme STINT Teaching Sabbatical. The programme is an opportunity for researchers and teaching staff who are passionate about education issues to spend an autumn semester at one of the STINT partner universities.

Please note that Lund University has an internal nomination process. Nominations within the Faculty of Science are to be sent to Marie Brink (marie [dot] brink [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se) by 11 August at the latest. The nomination must consist of a completed nomination form (see below) and CV (max 4 pages in PDF format) – all written in English.

FF programme to broaden your expertise

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SFF) is calling for applications to the Strategic Mobility programme, which offers researchers the opportunity to spend 4-12 months working in another sector, on an exchange basis.

The application deadline is 6 September.

Apply to the SFF programme to broaden your expertise (

Science and SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists

Science magazine and SciLifeLab are organising an international essay competition in which recent PhD graduates can win up to USD 30 000 and have their essay published in Science. Your essay is to consist of 1 000 words and focus on your doctoral thesis.

The application deadline is 15 July.

Read more about the essay competition on the SciLifeLab website

Funding for researchers from Ukraine

The University’s Staff Pages list calls for funding applications intended for Ukrainian researchers who would like a research position in Sweden. The list is continuously updated.  

Funding for researchers from Ukraine (

University funding for interdisciplinary projects focusing on Agenda 2030

The University’s Research Board is calling for applications for university-wide funding intended for interdisciplinary projects focusing on Agenda 2030 and sustainable development.

A novelty for this call for applications is the opportunity to apply for funding for postdoc positions or associate senior lectureships. Within the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering, the funding is primarily to be used for postdoc positions. In exceptional cases, the support may be used for strategic recruitments of associate senior lecturers. This presumes, in that case, that the recruitment is in line with the department’s recruitment plan. If you are considering applying for funds to recruit an associate senior lecturer, you and the relevant head of department should contact either vice dean Anders Tunlid (if the position is to be located at the Faculty of Science) or pro dean Heiner Linke (if the position is to be located at LTH) no later than 30 September.

The deadline to apply for funding is 25 November.

Read more and apply for university funding for interdisciplinary projects focusing on Agenda 2030 (

More funding opportunities

Research funding

Funding mobility


  • Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility within Europe
  • Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM)
  • Linnaeus-Palme partnerships
  • STINT Teaching Sabbatical

Funding mobility –


  • ACCESS - Travel grants for collaboration in Chile
  • Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM)
  • KAW Travel grants for contact trips outside Europe for junior researchers
  • MIRAI 2.0 - Travel grants for collaboration in Japan
  • SASUF - Travel grants for collaboration in South Africa
  • STINT Teaching Sabbatical
  • Travel and research grants (Endowment Administration)

Funding mobility –

Staff (teachers, doctoral students, researchers and administrative staff):

  • Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM)
  • Erasmus+ staff training within Europe
  • Erasmus+ travel grants within Europe
  • Linnaeus-Palme planning

Funding mobility –

Funding collaborations

  • Erasmus+
  • Linnaeus-Palme
  • Nordplus
  • STINT Strategic Grants for Internationalisation

Funding collaborations –