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This website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. The next time you visit the website, the web browser can use the cookie to show the pages according to your settings.

The Swedish Electronic Communications Act stipulates that all visitors to a website that uses cookies are to give their consent to storage of cookies on the user’s computer and be informed about what cookies will be used for and how such use can be prevented.

Lund University’s websites use cookies in order to access better visitor statistics and to maintain settings for the website’s visual presentation. Lund University does not save any personal information on visitors via cookies.

Google Analytics

Certain information on the use of Lund University’s web pages is sent to Google due to our use of Google Analytics. However, we use the anonymising version, so no information that can be linked to an individual user is forwarded to Google.

Google’s processing of data from our website – google.com


We also use the Siteimprove quality assurance tool, which – just like Google – includes an analysis component that gives us a basis for improving user experience of the website. Siteimprove therefore stores certain information, but without it being linked to an individual visitor.

Siteimprove website

If you do not allow cookies

If you do not want to allow storage of cookies on your computer, you can turn off the function in your web browser’s security settings. You can also delete cookies stored on your computer afterwards. How you do this depends on the web browser you use. You can find more information about this from your web browser’s help function.

If you choose not to allow cookies, you risk losing certain functions on the website.

Do you have any views or questions?

We work continuously to improve our website. If you have any views or questions about website content, you are welcome to contact the page manager (contact details are at the bottom of each page) or webmaster, Helena Bergqvist (helena [dot] bergqvist [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se).


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