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Evaluation of ongoing third cycle programmes and courses

Here you can read about how the faculty works with the evaluation of third cycle education.

Besides the evaluation of the faculty’s degree programmes, the way in which the faculty works with quality assurance and quality enhancement of third cycle education is also systematically evaluated. This is done according to a specific plan.

Courses offered within the framework of a programme are evaluated separately, which is an ongoing process. In addition, other evaluations are carried out; these are presented at the bottom of this page.

Evaluation of degree programmes

The evaluation is based on the Swedish Higher Education Authority’s assessment areas and takes account of the university-wide criteria for quality assurance and the requirement for evaluations normally to take the form of peer review conducted by external experts.

The assessment documentation for the evaluations always includes self-evaluations. The questions and the form of the self-evaluations are determined in instructions from the dean before each evaluation. Further documentation may be produced as required.

Peer review conducted by external experts results in separate evaluation reports. After the evaluation, the research programmes board compiles the results and any proposals for development measures in a summarising report which is presented to the faculty board and the vice-chancellor.

The faculty’s plan for quality assurance and quality enhancement in third cycle education 2019-2024 specifies how the faculty is to comply with the university-wide regulation requiring each programme to be evaluated at least every six years.

Timetable for annual evaluations by area of assessment

All 22 third cycle degree programmes undergo an annual partial evaluation on the basis of specific assessment areas according to the timetable below:

  • Governance and organisation (in 2019)
  • Perspectives in education
    • Gender equality and equal opportunities (in 2020)
    • Sustainable development (in 2020)
    • Internationalisation (in 2022)
  • Doctoral students’ perspective (in 2020)
  • Conditions (in 2021)
  • Working life and external engagement (in 2022)
  • Design, implementation and results (in 2023)

Timetable for subject-specific evaluations

In 2020/2021, the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) will review the degree programmes offered by the faculty in the following subjects:

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry

In 2024, the faculty will conduct subject-specific evaluations via peer review by external experts, in which the quality of each subject will be evaluated on the basis of all the assessment areas.

Evaluation of quality assurance work

In 2020/2021, the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) will review Lund University’s quality assurance work (through what is referred to as a higher education institution review). The presentation of the results is planned for autumn 2021. The evaluation may result in measures to improve quality assurance work.

In 2024, the faculty will evaluate its own quality assurance work. The evaluation will result in a new plan for quality assurance and quality enhancement in third cycle education, which will apply from 2025 to 2030. At that time, changes to policy documents affecting governance and organisation may also be made, if the evaluation of quality assurance work indicates a need for such changes.

Course evaluations

During 2021, a review is underway of how the faculty works with the evaluation of courses offered in the framework of third cycle education. The presentation of the results is planned for December 2021.

Course evaluations are conducted in a similar way in all three cycles of education.

Read about course evaluations and course evaluation reports on the Lund University Staff Pages

Other evaluations

  • In 2019: Regulatory supervision.
  • In 2021: Evaluation of graduate schools and the faculty’s life science course package (the reviewer is Annika Mårtensson from the Faculty of Engineering (LTH). The evaluation will be reported on 30 June 2021).
  • In 2022: Widening participation.

More information

Employees have access to policy documents (including instructions) and reports on the faculty’s SharePoint page. Most documents are in Swedish. Contact Aleksandra Popovic if you would like access to the documents but do not have authorisation, or if you would like more information about the content in the documents that are in Swedish.

Read the documents (most documents are in Swedish) on the faculty’s SharePoint page

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Aleksandra Popovic
Education coordinator, third cycle education
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