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Rules for establishment of new third cycle courses

On courses and course syllabi in general

In addition to the thesis work, research studies comprise credits earned either from courses or individual undertakings (also referred to as other credit-earning components).

The faculty’s guidance on the difference between courses and individual undertakings (other credit-earning components) (PDF, 185 kB, new tab)

Pursuant to the University’s regulations for third cycle education, a course is to have an approved course syllabus. At the Faculty of Science, the Research Programmes Board is responsible for approving course syllabi. Read the board’s administrative procedure for information on how new course syllabi are processed and established.

For teaching staff

Teaching staff members who wish to establish a course are to contact the director of third cycle studies at their department. The director of studies can inform you about any processes at your department, how to proceed and what timeframes apply. Once it is clear that a new course can be established, a course syllabus is to be formulated according to the faculty’s two templates below. The department’s director of third cycle studies is then to convey the course syllabus to the faculty office for approval.

Faculty templates for course syllabi

There must be both a Swedish and an English version of the course syllabus. Please note that course syllabi must always be approved in Swedish, even in the case of a course offered entirely in English. This is because Swedish is the official language of public authorities in Sweden.

For directors of third cycle studies

As a director of studies, you are responsible for conveying the course syllabus to the faculty office. Before sending in the course syllabus, you must ensure that:

  • The learning outcomes are formulated as active verbs and correspond to the course content and the overall objective of the course.
  • The course syllabus is available in both Swedish and English.
  • The course syllabus is designed in accordance with the faculty’s templates.

Send course syllabi to the faculty office via email to FU-kursplaner [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se (

Dates for approval of course syllabi

The faculty’s Research Programmes Board approves course syllabi twice per semester.

Course syllabi that are to be approved should be sent to the faculty office via email FU-kursplaner [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se ( by the following dates.

Syllabi to be approved in the spring:

  • Opportunity 1: submit by 15 January
  • Opportunity 2: submit by 15 April

Syllabi to be approved in the autumn:

  • Opportunity 1: submit by 15 August
  • Opportunity 2: submit by 15 October


Benedicte Sato Arentzen
Administrative coordinator
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