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Teaching, learning and development support (PLUS)

PLUS is the Faculty of Science’s teaching support unit, which works to promote teaching and learning on a scientific basis within the science subjects. PLUS collaborates with the University’s other teaching support units as well as various departments and higher education institutions, both nationally and internationally.

Training in higher education teaching and learning

PLUS is responsible for the faculty’s qualifying training in higher education teaching and learning. The courses give teaching staff and doctoral students the opportunity to develop their educational skills and practice. A common element of the courses is each participant’s course project in which their teaching is linked to theory and developed through reflection and collegial discussion.

Training in higher education teaching and learning

Development of higher education teaching and learning

Through strategic initiatives, PLUS works for the continuous and long-term development of  education quality. PLUS has, among other things, conducted the following projects:

  • Blended learning for the development of teaching expertise
  • Portfolios for documentation, reflection and progression
  • Developing technologists’ communication skills
  • Communication in science education
  • Natural scientists writing popular science

Research and supervision

PLUS conducts research and supervision within science didactics. Third-cycle studies are carried out in close cooperation with the Department of Educational Sciences at Lund University as well as Halmstad University, Kristianstad University and Malmö University, through the joint graduate school for licentiate degree students. PLUS also supervises degree projects within the Master of Science in Secondary Education programme.

Graduate school for licentiate degree students –

Teaching career development

PLUS also coordinates work with the faculty’s teaching academy and evaluates teaching staff’s teaching credentials in applications for the proficiency level Excellent Teaching Practitioner (ETP).


Susanne Pelger
Educational developer
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