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Quality assurance work in third cycle education

Here you can read about the plan for quality assurance work in the faculty’s third cycle education. You will also find information about where to find the entire plan if you are interested in reading the full text.

The faculty’s responsibility

The faculty board has the overarching responsibility for all quality assurance and quality enhancement work within the faculty. The part of this work that concerns third cycle studies is coordinated by the faculty’s research programmes board.

The quality assurance work follows Lund University’s regulations and policies, which establish the faculty’s responsibility for:

In special plans for quality assurance and quality enhancement, the faculty board determines how the work on the three overarching processes above is to be organised. The plans run for periods of six years but are followed up annually and revised as necessary. The current plan for quality assurance and quality enhancement of third cycle study education (STYR 2019/2064) applies for 2019–2024.

The content and scope of quality assured study programmes and courses

Third cycle education at the Faculty of Science comprises 22 subjects divided among nine different departments. More information on the content of studies in each subject is available in the general syllabi, approved by the faculty board after a proposal from the research programmes board. For doctoral students who have already been admitted and others with authorisation, more detailed descriptions of the study programmes and their conditions are available in the Canvas learning platform.

Just over 300 full-time doctoral students are currently enrolled at the faculty. This means that one in six full-time students at the faculty is a doctoral student, making third cycle studies a relatively large part of the faculty’s educational activities. The studies of each doctoral student are individually planned and, after consultation between the doctoral student and the supervisor, approved through a decision by the head of department in an individual study plan. The process of preparing the individual study plan is coordinated by a departmental representative, specially appointed by the head of department (or equivalent) for each individual postgraduate project.

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More information about the plan for quality assurance work (2019-2024)

The plan for quality assurance work and quality enhancement in third cycle education is approved by the faculty board and reviewed when necessary. Please contact Aleksandra Popovic for more information about the plan.

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Aleksandra Popovic
Education coordinator, third cycle education
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