Quality assurance work in third cycle education

Here you will find information about the plan for quality assurance work within the faculty’s third cycle education. You will also find details about whom to turn to for additional information about the plan.

The faculty’s responsibility

The faculty’s research programmes board coordinates the work on quality assurance and quality enhancement of third cycle education. The work follows Lund University’s guidelines, which regulate the faculty’s responsibility for three overall processes:

  • Establishment and discontinuation of study programmes and courses
  • Evaluation of ongoing study programmes and courses
  • Follow-up of quality assurance work and its results

General information about the quality assurance work

The three overall processes follow an annual cycle with six different stages. The annual organisational dialogues between the faculty management, each departmental management and the doctoral students’ union form the hub of the follow-up and evaluation of the quality of research studies as well as the quality assurance work in general. The dialogues are based on a number of issues and focus areas and cover elements of both evaluation and follow-up of the quality of the education.

The faculty’s work includes:

  • Evaluating the study programmes according to a timetable included in the faculty’s plan for quality assurance and quality enhancement.
  • Planning for development of the parts that the evaluation gives reason to develop. The heads of each department decide what measures are to be taken at the department in a development plan. The faculty’s development projects are listed in the faculty’s plan for quality assurance and quality enhancement. Major projects that require particular resources are included in the faculty’s plan of activities.
  • Implementing and following up on the planned measures, and compiling the outcome.
  • Discontinuing the study programmes whose quality cannot be maintained despite measures and establish study programmes when this can benefit the quality of the faculty’s research studies. There are separate rules of procedure for this process.

Quality assurance work is integrated with other improvement efforts conducted at the faculty and department levels. These efforts can be improvement initiatives within areas such as the work environment, gender equality and equal opportunities, and research infrastructure.

Quality assurance work is to be permeated by a culture that welcomes feedback from doctoral students, teaching staff, non-academic staff and stakeholders in every part of the study programme.

Read about the whole process and the plan for quality assurance work

If you want to find out more about quality assurance work in third cycle education and read the policy documents (including plans), evaluation reports and compilations of follow-up, you can contact Aleksandra Popovic.

Contact details for Aleksandra Popovic – staff.lu.se