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Postgraduate studies

A doctoral programme consists of two parts: courses and thesis, forming a total of 240 ECTS credits, in which the doctoral thesis is to account for at least 120 credits. A doctoral programme involves a total of four years of full-time study. Find more information below.

Director of Doctoral studies

Astronomy and Theoretical Physics: Johan Bijnens
Biology: Karin Rengefors and Per Lundberg
Chemistry: Sofi Elmroth
Environmental Science: Maria Hansson and Pål Axel Olsson
Geology: Anders Scherstén
Mathematical disciplines: Sandra Pott
Medical Radiation Physics: Ronnie Wirestam
Physical geography and ecosystem science: Jonas Ardö
Physics and Science education: Göran Frank

Join a writing group for PhD students

The Academic Support Centre at Lund University offers writing groups for PhD students who wish to improve their writing process and share their experiences with others.

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Scientific Officer
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