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Syllabus: Doctoral Supervision at the Faculty of Science – a basic introduction


This revised course syllabus was confirmed by The Research Programmes Board at the Faculty of Science 6 March 2023 and replaces earlier course syllabus (U 2021/757, 2 December 2021). The course provides a qualification to work as an assistant supervisor for doctoral students at the Faculty of Science and corresponds to two days of doctoral supervision training.

The course syllabus is formally approved in Swedish. This is a translation.

Learning outcomes

The course provides knowledge of the basic formalities of doctoral education, with a focus on the rules and systems of the Faculty of Science. The course also provides insights into the challenges posed by the dual role of supervisor and researcher, and on supervision as teamwork.

On completion of the course, participants shall be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

  • Know the basic formalities of doctoral education and find the relevant sources.
  • Manage basic functions in the faculty's administrative system for a research education.
  • Describe in general the roles that doctoral students, supervisors, department representatives, directors of studies and heads of departments have in a research education.

Competence and skills

  • React if there are indications that a doctoral student has problems.

Judgement and approach

  • Reflect on the dual role as supervisor and researcher.
  • Reflect on collegial aspects of supervision and the supervisor role.

Course content

The basic procedures involved in doctoral education, focusing on rules and systems at the Faculty of Science:

  • Roles and division of responsibilities in doctoral education, resources for doctoral education, administrative systems and procedures in doctoral education.
  • Basic aspects of the dual role as supervisor and researcher, and of supervision as teamwork.
  • Basic tools and strategies when things do not go well – how is the situation to be managed if a doctoral student has problems?

Forms of instructions

The course corresponds to two days:

  • Day 1: Self-study
  • Day 2: Lectures and discussions

Participation in all components is compulsory.

Forms of assessment

The assessment is based on active participation.


Possible grades are Pass and Fail. For a grade of Pass, the student must have actively participated in all the course components.

Language of instruction

The course is given in English.

Necessary prior knowledge

No necessary prior knowledge is required.