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Choosing courses

Here, you will find information about course requirements and the course offerings.

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Course requirements

Plan for full-time studies

As an incoming exchange student, you are required to follow a full-time semester study plan. One semester of full time studies equals 30 ECTS credits. We require that you take at least half of your credits (15 credits per semester) within the Faculty of Science.

You can take a maximum of 30 ECTS credits per semester, plus two extra courses in Swedish language for exchange students:

  • Introductory Swedish Language Course – SUSA course (3 credits)
  • Swedish for Exchange Students – SVEE courses (7.5 credits)

Admission requirements

Each course has specific admission requirements, which can be found in the course syllabus. Please carefully read the admission requirements. Make sure that you both fulfil the requirements and that you will receive credits for the courses at your home university.

English language requirements

Please check with your home university to make sure that your English is of a satisfactory level for academic studies.


Science courses

Click on the link below to see the courses currently offered by the Faculty of Science in the academic year 2020/2021.

Science courses for incoming exchange students

Swedish language courses for exchange students

Introductory Swedish Language Course – SUSA course (3 credits)
The course is offered during the orientation week, before the regular classes start. You apply for the course in the online application for nominated exchange students.

Introductory Swedish Language Course – SUSA course –

Swedish for exchange students – SVEE courses (7.5 credits)
The courses are given at different levels, depending on your prior knowledge in the Swedish language.

Swedish for exchange students – SVEE courses –

Special Area Studies

You can apply for ”Special Area Study” courses in subjects such as Swedish culture and society, European studies, regional courses and global issues of contemporary interest. Here, at the Faculty of Science we offer the course The Scientific Method. The Special Area Study courses are generally open to most exchange students and are worth 7.5 ECTS credits each.

Read more about the Special Area Studies on Lund University’s main website

Courses at other faculties

You may take courses from other faculties than the faculty of Science.

Find exchange courses on Lund University’s main website

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Grading system

Examination is usually conducted at the end of each course. You will be graded according to one of our two scales, which vary between courses. See the course syllabus for more information.

The faculty´s two grading scales:

  • U (fail), G (pass), VG (pass with distinction)
  • U (fail), G (pass)

Course schedule

You can find the schedules for most (but not all) courses through the Lund University schedule generator, TimeEdit.

In those cases where the course is not in TimeEdit, the schedule will be available through the course webpages. Keep in mind that in many cases the schedules are not finalised until one month before the beginning of the course.

The schedules in TimeEdit are highly customisable, and you can also subscribe to them. We recommend the graphical view, and colour reservation by course.

TimeEdit schedule generator –

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