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Once you have been nominated for an exchange

Once you have been nominated for an exchange, there are certain things that are important for you to consider. You need to reply to the nomination notification and apply to the host university. You also need to inform yourself about things that are important for you to consider before your departure, while you’re away, and once you have returned to Lund.

Accept the offer of an exchange place

If you want to keep your place, it is important that you reply to the nomination notification that you received via email. Remember to reply within the stated time; otherwise the place may be given to a student on the waiting list.

Once you have accepted your place, we will nominate you to the host university. Your international coordinator (someone from External Relations or the faculty's international office) will contact you via email to inform you of the details on how to proceed.

Apply to the host university

Once you have been nominated, it is time for you to write your application to the host university. The host university is mainly interested in seeing which courses you have already taken and whether they relate to the courses for which you have applied. It is important that you and your study advisor agree on your study plan.

When and how you are to write your application to the host university differs from one university to another. Find out what applies on the host university’s website or get help from your international coordinator.

Keep an eye out for the admission decision

Ultimately, it is up to the host university to decide whether or not to accept your application. The admission decision will be sent to you directly or to your international coordinator.

Migration guidelines for fee-paying (non-EU/EEA) students

If you are a fee-paying (non-EU/EEA) student and have a Swedish residence permit for studies, please read the information on the Swedish Migration Agency's website carefully. The relevant information can be found in the section "After you have sent the application" (click on "If you are granted a residence permit" and then read the text under the headline "If the study programme includes studies abroad").

Resi­dence permit for studies in higher educa­tion (

Online Learning Agreement for exchanges within Europe, Erasmus +

If you have been nominated for exchange studies in Europe, you must complete and submit an Online Learning Agreement, which is a mandatory tripartite agreement for exchanges in Europe.

You complete your Online Learning Agreement digitally in the SoleMove system once you have received confirmation about which courses you will take at the host university. Instructions on how to complete the agreement can be found below.

Guide on how to create an Online Learning Agreement in SoleMove (

In SoleMove, the "responsible person in receiving institution" is your contact person at the host university, and the "responsible person in sending institution" is the international coordinator at your department.

Find out who is the international coordinator at your department

Your Online Learning Agreement needs to be signed by all parties at the latest one month after you have started your exchange. This deadline applies regardless of what is stated in the Erasmus+ grant instructions.

Host universities unable to sign digitally

If the host university is not yet able to sign the agreement digitally, you need to save the agreement as a PDF and send it to them. Remember that both you and the coordinator at your department need to sign the agreement digitally before you send it. Once all parties have signed the agreement, upload the PDF in SoleMove in tab "After exchange". Please note that this only applies to Learning Agreements which cannot be fully signed online.

Apply for Erasmus+ grant

As an exchange student within Erasmus +, you are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant. Currently, the grant is 400–460 euro per month, depending on the destination. If you travel to your destination by train, you can apply for a rail travel grant.

Read more and apply for Erasmus+ grant –

Prepare for your trip

There are a few things that are important for you to consider before your departure, while you’re away, and once you have returned to Lund. Such information includes student finance, insurance, scholarships, visas, vaccinations, student ambassadorship, and credit transfers.