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Theses of the month

During the month of January, seven new theses will be presented at the Faculty of Science. Katja Mankinen uses experimental data from the ATLAS detector at Cern to make two searches for doubly-charged Higgs bosons. Xiuqin Zhong examines how the tick-borne bacterium Borrelia afzelii affects mice and voles. Weiming Huang uses semantic web techniques to integrate geographical data with data from other domains. Fredrik Andreasson studies the factors that cause variation in the body temperatures of birds across the age spectrum and seasons, as well as their physiological and ecological consequences. Bahareh Goldozian investigates interactions and coherence in electron transport through serially connected quantum dots. Andrea Adden studies the neural basis for navigation and migration among bogong moths. João Pedro de Almeida Martins examines diffusion-based techniques for magnetic resonance tomography.

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