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Processing of applications

Once the deadline for applications has passed, the application documents are assessed to see whether they fulfil the selection criteria for the post. Additional selection methods may include interviews, references, trial lectures, tests and work samples. Assessments that form the basis for a decision on appointment must be documented in an objective statement.

Selection criteria

Merit and skill are to be the primary selection criteria, unless there are extraordinary reasons to act otherwise. Other criteria that may be applied alongside skill are, for example, positive discrimination. Lund University can choose to appoint an applicant of the under-represented gender in order to achieve a gender balance.

Special criteria for academic appointments

For selection of academic teaching staff, the Higher Education Ordinance lays down that research and teaching expertise are to be the two main criteria. For recruitment of academic staff, the opinion of the experts on the applicants’ skills therefore plays an important role in selection.

Conflicts of interests

In the processing of applications, it is not uncommon for conflicts of interests to arise, especially in the recruitment of academic staff.

Read more about conflict of interests (PDF, 51 kB, opens in a new tab)

Discontinuation of recruitment process

If one of the working bodies, for example the Academic Appointments Board, considers that none of the applicants should be appointed to the post, a proposal is submitted to discontinue the recruitment process. Negotiations follow between the faculty and the staff organisations to discontinue the recruitment process.

It is not possible to appeal a decision to discontinue a recruitment process.

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