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General framework for research studies

Third cycle studies and their structure at higher education institutions in Sweden are governed by several different sets of regulations. First of all, these activities are regulated by the Higher Education Act, which is decided by the Swedish parliament. The Higher Education Ordinance, which is decided by the government, provides the national framework applicable to all doctoral students in Sweden regardless of subject and higher education institution.

In turn, each higher education institution can decide on further local rules for its third cycle studies. At Lund University, these are approved in part by the vice-chancellor and in part by the University board. Each faculty within the University can then decide on more detailed rules for how third cycle studies will be organised and run, on the basis of the national and local rules. At the Faculty of Science, it is mainly the faculty board which takes decisions of this kind.

The Higher Education Ordinance defines the general outcomes for research studies and states that, besides what applies for first and second cycle studies, third cycle studies are to develop the knowledge and skills required for independent research. The outcomes are described in the Qualifications Ordinance (Higher Education Ordinance Annex 2), which specifies the outcomes for a licentiate and a doctoral degree respectively.

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