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After the study programme

The doctoral studentship has a fixed term and ceases once four years of actual study have passed. Although PhD graduates are in a good position to venture out into the labour market, it is important to think in good time about what you want to do after your doctoral studies and to investigate the opportunities. You should also find out what conditions apply for maintenance and accommodation. If you are living in a student flat, you usually do not have the right to remain there once your studies are over.

Continued academic career

If you are interested in a continued academic career, it is an advantage to create contacts with potential future research environments during the last year of studies, and to find out about opportunities for post-doc stays. The supervisor and other senior members of the research team often have a good contact network and it is a good idea to consult your supervisor in good time about future career opportunities. Various sources offer funding for post-doc stays, and it is important to check these out in good time in order to put together well-supported applications.

Job security system

A doctoral studentship entitles you to unemployment benefits (“a-kassa”) if you have been a member of the unemployment benefits fund for at least six months before the end of your employment. It is therefore strongly recommended that doctoral students keep an eye on the dates and join the fund in good time. As a doctoral student, as of 1 January 2015, you are not covered by the general job security agreement in place for government employees. The services of the Job Security Foundation are thereby no longer available to those whose doctoral studentship has ended.

Unemployment insurance for academics (Akademikernas a-kassa)

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