Submit an application for a thesis defence

Applications of a thesis defence are submitted by a departmental representative or head of department at the latest eight weeks before the planned date for the thesis defence (please note that summer and winter breaks are not counted as part of the eight-week period). Remember that a registration form has to be printed out, signed and sent to the faculty office (see point 4 in the instructions below). It is not sufficient to just register the details in the thesis defence system.


1. Log in

Log in to the thesis defence system –

State your Lucat ID (do not add "" to the user name)

2. Ensure that a date has been booked for the thesis defence

For a thesis defence to be registered, the date needs to have been booked already. The booking is to be made as soon as possible after the student’s individual study plan has been followed up and it has been confirmed that it is time for the thesis defence.

Traditionally, the date of the thesis defence is booked by the doctoral student, but it may also be booked by a departmental secretary, supervisor or departmental representative. To book a date for a doctoral student, search for the doctoral student via the system’s search function (at present it is easiest to search for the doctoral student’s first name and then select the right person in the list that is shown). Fill in all the fields in the booking form and then click on “Book and mail”.

3. Fill in the application form

When the date of a thesis defence is booked, the supervisor, departmental representative or administrator can see the doctoral student’s case in their list of thesis defence cases in the thesis defence system.

To apply for a thesis defence, click on the link “Application”. Then fill in all the fields and upload all the required appendices. If you cannot fill in all the details at one time, you can save your form and fill in the rest later.

4. Submit the application form

When you have filled in all the details and uploaded all the appendices, click on the button "Applicate and mail” which is on the bottom right of the page. The application form appears on screen. You are to print out the form, get it signed by the departmental representative or head of department and then send it to Linnéa Hellman at the faculty office, service point HS 39.

If you want to make changes later on, please contact Linnéa Hellman at the faculty administration office.

Contact information to Linnéa Hellman –