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Submit a request for a thesis defence

A request for the thesis defence must be submitted by the subject director at the latest eight weeks before the planned date. Please note that these eight weeks should be within the university semester and that the doctoral student must have booked a date for the thesis defence before the notification can be carried out. Don’t forget that the PDF form has to be printed out, signed and sent to the Faculty Office (step 7 below). It is not sufficient to register the details in the database.

Submit a request

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1. Log in with your LUCAT ID.

2. For a new notification, enter the doctoral student’s personal identity number and click “Next”.

3. If you have an unfinished notification, a link will appear that you can click on. You can also do the same as in step 1.

4. Fill in all fields. Click the “i” buttons for information about the fields. You do not need to enter all the information at one sitting. It is possible to save the form and fill in the rest at a later date.

5. Each time you save the notification, you will receive an email receipt showing which fields are correctly filled in and which are not.

6. If you want to add information to a notification, repeat steps 2–3.

7. Once you have filled in all the details, a button is activated at the top of the page. When you click on the link, a PDF of the form will appear that must be printed out, signed by the subject director and sent to the Faculty Office (Kansli N, hämtställe 39).

8. If you want to make changes later on, please contact Ann Ivarsson at the Faculty Office.


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