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Election to the nominating committee

For the term of office 1 April 2021–31 March 2024

The Faculty of Science has elected a nominating committee consisting of five teaching staff members with research expertise and two representatives of non-academic staff.

Elected members

Harry Lankreijer, senior lecturer, Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

Portrait. Photo.

I am a senior lecturer at the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, where I have worked since 1998. Over the years, I have had a range of roles, such as study advisor, international coordinator, director of studies, member of the department board and, for the last three years, member of the faculty’s nominating committee. I would very much like to continue for one more term of office in the nominating committee and contribute by finding the most suitable candidates who can represent the faculty.

Kristina Stenström, professor, Department of Physics

Portrait. Photo.

During my 30 years as an employee at Lund University, I have gained a good insight into the University’s organisation, and through interdisciplinary work I have a broad network of contacts at several departments, especially at the Faculty of Science. I have solid experience of nominating committee work, including in the nominating committee of the Department of Physics. I am currently the deputy head of the Division of Nuclear Physics.

Ola Wendt, professor, Department of Chemistry

Portrait. Photo.

I am a professor of Inorganic Chemistry and assistant head of the Department of Chemistry. Having wise people in our committees and bodies is of the greatest importance for the faculty’s development and the nominating committee has, of course, a direct influence on this. As I have been asked to be member of the nominating committee, I would very much like to contribute to its work. Through my many years as a member of the associate professorship appointments board, I have come into contact with large parts of the faculty and therefore think that I have a reasonably good insight into many of the activities.

Johanna Alkan Olsson, senior lecturer, Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC)

Portrait. Photo.

I am a senior lecturer in Environmental Science and also work at Climate-KIC on developing how the University, via support for teaching and capacity development, can increase the number of innovations in the climate field. Both these roles give me a broad network of contacts with staff throughout the faculty. I have good knowledge about research policy and an interest in how the University should be developed to play an active part in developing a sustainable society. I see the need to establish new scientific methods for tomorrow’s leading-edge research, create innovations and develop societal-relevant research.

Eric Warrant, professor, Department of Biology

Portrait. Photo.

I am a professor at the Department of Biology and my research focuses on the eyesight and navigation ability of nocturnal insects. I would like to stand as a candidate for the faculty’s nominating committee in order to work for the faculty’s and University’s best interests by identifying the right person for the right post. I have an extensive network of contacts within the faculty, experience of committee roles in academia and feel that this is an important assignment.

Johanna Stadmark, researcher, Department of Geology

Portrait. Photo.

I am a researcher who focuses on several of the environmental issues of our time. During my time at Lund University, I have been employed at the departments of Biology and Geology. In recent years, I have worked on gender equality issues in, among other things, an EU project and through this work gained further insight into the areas in which our faculty is a role model internationally and where we can do more to be an even better education and research institution for all staff and students.

Cajsa Andersson, librarian, Library of Science

Portrait. Photo.

As a librarian at the Kemicentrum Library within the Library of Science, I have an extensive network of contacts among colleagues at the libraries as well as administrators, finance officers and communication officers at Kemicentrum and where I have previously worked at other libraries within the faculty. During the past term of office, I have gained good knowledge about the other departments at the faculty in addition to Kemicentrum as well as other valuable experiences which mean that I think I can be a good representative for the non-academic staff group.

Nominated candidates

In connection with the preparation of candidates, 23 people were nominated by the organisation. Of these, the following accepted to stand as candidates for the assignment.

  • Amanda Berglund, Faculty office
  • Johan Bijnens, Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics
  • Helena Elvén Eriksson, Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
  • Gabriele Kalus, Department of Physics
  • Karl Ljung, Department of Geology
  • Edvin Lundgren, Department of Physics
  • Frida Rosengren, Department of Biology
  • David Silvermyr, Department of Physics
  • Peter Spégel, Department of Chemistry
  • Johanna Stadmark, Department of Geology
  • Eric Warrant, Department of Biology
  • Ola Wendt, Department of Chemistry