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Election of Dean, Deputy Dean and members of the Faculty Board

Term of office: 2024–2026

The Faculty Board is the highest decision-making body at the Faculty of Science and has overall responsibility for education, research, innovation and external engagement, quality and development work, the faculty library, organisation, finance, personnel, administration, and information and communication issues. The Dean has overall responsibility for the faculty and leads strategic work. New for this term of office is that the future Dean and Deputy Dean propose Vice-Deans who are then appointed by the Faculty Board.

Who is to be appointed?

  • A Dean, who is also the Chair of the Faculty Board
  • A Deputy Dean, who is also the Vice-Chair of the Faculty Board
  • Six teaching staff representatives
  • Two representatives of other staff
  • Two external members

The Nominating Committees proposal for Dean and Deputy Dean

The Nominating Committee proposes:


Per Persson, Professor of Molecular Geochemistry at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science, CEC.

Portrait. Photo.
Being nominated for the position of dean was not something that Per Persson was actively aiming for. But, at the same time, he cannot think of a more exciting role now that it is time to write the last chapter of his working life.

Read the interview with Per Persson

Deputy Dean

Karin Rengefors, Professor of Limnology at the Department of Biology.

Portrait. Photo.
Karin Rengefors is humble about her nomination for the post of deputy dean, and if entrusted with the role she will work hard to create the right conditions for the faculty’s staff.

Read the interview with Karin Rengefors

The Nominating Committees proposal for members of the Faculty Board

The Nominating Committee is working on proposals for Faculty Board members and will present its proposal here soon.

About the election

Who is entitled to vote and nominate?

You can nominate and vote if you are employed at Lund University and have at least 50 percent of your employment within the Faculty of Science. Your employment must be a permanent position or include at least two years of continuous employment at the faculty.

Doctoral students with a doctoral studentship are not entitled to vote or nominate as they are considered students according to the Higher Education Ordinance (Chapter 1, Section 4).

Who can be nominated?

Dean, Deputy Dean and teaching staff representatives must be members of the teaching staff with research expertise, .e. a professor or a person with a teaching position that requires a doctoral degree or equivalent competence.

Representatives of other staff must be employed at the faculty and not belong to the category of member of the teaching staff with research expertise.

Self-nomination is allowed.

The last day to nominate candidates was 20 January 2023.

The Nominating Committee's requirements profile for Dean and Deputy Dean

The Dean must be a professor, but this is not a requirement for the Deputy Dean. Together, the Dean and Deputy Dean must meet the criteria below.

  • Be a good leader and have demonstrated good collaborative and engagement skills
  • Have a good knowledge and understanding of the organisation of the faculty as well as gender equality and work environment issues
  • Have insight into and experience of national and/or international research policy activities
  • Have the ability to see future opportunities and have a vision for the faculty
  • Have a good knowledge of and interest in all aspects of the faculty's activities (first, second and third-cycle education and research)
  • Have a good ability to promote the faculty within the University as well as nationally and internationally

Appointing the various positions

Through the election, the faculty’s voters propose a Dean and a Deputy Dean who are then formally appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of Lund University. The teaching staff representatives and the representatives of other staff are elected directly by the voters. The Nominating Committee proposes the external members, who are then formally appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.

The election will be held in spring 2023.


Ola Wendt
Chair of the Nominating Committee
Contact information for Ola Wendt (

Ellen Giljam
Secretary of the Nominating Committee
Contact information for Ellen Giljam (

Preliminary timetable

  • The nomination period is 20 December to 20 January
  • The Nominating Committee will present its proposal for candidates in early May
  • The election will be held from 15 May to 12:00 on 7 June
  • The votes are counted at 15:00 on 7 June
  • Election results are announced on 8 June
  • The Vice-Chancellor appoints the Dean, Deputy Dean and external members in June