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Strategy Group MAX IV/ESS

Term of office: 1 April 2015 – 31 March 2018

The Strategy Group for MAX IV and ESS supports the Faculty Board in matters relating to MAX IV and ESS to enable the faculty to optimally address the challenges and opportunities that these facilities offer. Part of the group’s work is to initiate or support activities that aim to develop the faculty’s cooperation with, and utilisation of, MAX IV and ESS. This includes the coordination of applications and the drafting of decisions on the allocation of funds for research projects that involve synchrotron or neutron-based methods. The strategy group consist of five members of the teaching staff from different subject areas in the faculty, and representatives of MAX IV and ESS.


  • Ulf Olsson, Chair, Chemistry
  • Martin Bech, Medical Radiation Physics
  • Helena Filipsson, Geology
  • Arno Hiess, ESS
  • Anders Mikkelsen, Physics
  • Katarina Nordén, MAX IV
  • Per Persson, Biology


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