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Apply for promotion


Associate senior lecturer to senior lecturer

An associate senior lecturer shall have the right to apply for promotion to a position as senior lecturer and shall, upon application, be promoted if he or she has the required qualifications and is deemed suitable for the position, with reference to the relevant qualification requirements and assessment criteria adoptedby the Faculty of Science. An associate senior lecturer can only apply for promotion once.

Lecturer to senior lecturer, and senior lecturer to professor

A lecturer or a senior lecturer who is employed until further notice, may apply for promotion to a higher post. Applications for promotion are to be initiated and planned in consultation with the head of department, and preferably discussed during staff appraisals.

Decisions to conduct an assessment for promotion shall be based on strategic considerations. The considerations shall include an assessment of whether the employee has made documented contributions to the organisation’s development and is deemed suitable for promotion. Documentation supporting the employee’s eligibility in this regard shall be enclosed by the head of department. After that, the application can be submitted. The decision on whether the application is to be considered is made by the dean of the faculty.

Application documents

You application should include a cover letter, an academic qualifications portfolio and research publications (maximum 10). All documents are to be written in English.

1. Cover letter

The cover letter must indicate the promotion category (professor or senior lecturer) and the subject.

Please use the template below. Fill in all fields and remember to sign the letter.

Template cover letter (Word, 54 kB, new window)

2. Academic qualifications portfolio

The academic qualifications portfolio is to contain information about the qualifications to which you wish to refer for your application. Copies of documents (e.g. certificates or references) must be attested by a witness. Structure your portfolio in accordance with the instructions below. Remember to sign the portfolio.

Academic qualifications portfolio (Word, 91 kB, new window)

3. Research publications

You can append a maximum of ten research publications. These should be submitted electronically.

Send your application

The complete application is to be submitted in one copy, which must be single-sided and unstapled. Please note that applications should be sent by both e-mail and by post.

Applications by e-mail
helen [dot] johansson [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se

Applications by internal post
Helen Johansson, Kansli N, HS 39.

Applications by post
Kansli N, Lunds universitet
Helen Johansson
Box 118

221 00 LUND


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