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Dean's bulletin, 14 December 2021

Dear all,

It was 1965 and the Jenka dance spread like an epidemic across Sweden. One kick to the left, one kick to the right, one step forward, one back, three steps forward.

It is 2021 and the epidemic spreads like a Jenka dance across Sweden. One kick to the left, one kick to the right, one step forward and one back. It would be great if we could kick a little less to the left and right and concentrate on those steps forward.

It is frustrating and difficult to navigate between people who would like fewer measures and more freedom of action and those who take the opposite view and would prefer more severe restrictions. Let us remember that all these opinions are a sign that we care about each other and the work that we do. People with different opinions on how restrictive we should be are not necessarily fearful or foolhardy. A person with different views to my own is a person with different experiences resulting in a different assessment. The tension between varying opinions makes our faculty a positive and exciting workplace.

At the same time, we should remember that Lund University is a public authority and that, as far as possible, we must act in a unified manner to ensure students and staff know what applies in this place of work and study. Lund University’s management charts the course with decisions on how we are to act, and the faculties interpret these decisions as needed. The latest Covid-19 information is available on the Lund University Covid-19 web pages. We maintain social distancing and avoid crowding. Based on scientific evidence, vaccination provides the best protection against serious illness, and it is encouraged. Let us hope we can take those three steps forward again soon.

Christmas is almost here once more.

We all deserve some Christmas peace and quiet and a chance to take care of each other and ourselves. I hope you take the opportunity to do so. We will see each other again in 2022, the first year of the rest of our lives.  

Sven Lidin, dean