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After your exchange

Documents to be signed

Remember to visit the international coordinators at the Faculty of Science at the end of your stay if your home university requires you to have a departure form signed by us.

Transcript of records

The transcript of records issued by Lund University is based on registrations in the study documentation system Ladok. Before going home, it is very important that you log in to the Student Portal and make sure that:

  1. Your registrations and results are correct, to make sure that your transcript of record will be accurate.
  2. Your contact information is correct.

When all your grades have been registered, you are expected to create a verifiable transcript of records in the Student Portal, showing your study results. Send the verifiable transcript of records, as well the instructions below on how to verify the transcript, to the international coordinator at your home university.

Log in to the Student Portal

For partner universities: How to verify transcript of records from Lund University

  1. Go to the student registry system.
  2. Fill in the student’s personal identity number and the verification code, as stated on the verifiable transcript you have received.
  3. Click on “verify” to download the transcript in PDF format.

The transcript of records is verifiable for three months from the date of download.

If you do not accept the verifiable digital transcript, we will send a hard copy upon your request.

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