Teaching in the spring semester in light of the coronavirus

The conditions that have applied during the autumn semester 2020 will continue to apply during the spring semester 2021.

Teaching to take place both digitally and on campus

Teaching in the spring semester will be carried out both digitally and on university premises. On-campus teaching is to follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s rules, general guidelines and recommendations. Physical gatherings should include as few people as possible.

Contact the director of studies at your department to find out more about how your education will be affected. Contact information can be found further down on this page.

Prioritisation of teaching and assessment on campus

The following components and student groups are to be prioritised (in no particular order) when it comes to teaching and assessment on campus.

  • Assessments that are impossible, or possible only with great difficulty, to carry out via digital tools.
  • Teaching components with practical or laboratory elements.
  • Field studies and practical activities that cannot be carried out in an alternative way.
  • Education for international students whose residence permits are contingent on their education mostly being provided on location.
  • Teaching and introductory components for students starting their studies at the University in the spring semester 2021.
  • Teaching and assessment that should be conducted with physical presence for students who are finalising their studies.

Risk assessments will be carried out for every course

A risk assessment on the risk of spread of infection of Covid-19 will be carried out for every course offered at the Faculty of Science. Please contact the director of studies for your study programme if you would like further information about how your courses will be conducted in the autumn.

Contact information for the Directors of studies

Astronomy and theoretical physics

Director of studies: Johan Rathsman
Contact information for Johan Rathsman – lunduniversity.lu.se


Director of studies: Jep Agrell
Contact information for Jep Agrell – lunduniversity.lu.se


Director of studies: Sophie Manner
Contact information for Sophie Manner – lunduniversity.lu.se


Director of studies: Dan Hammarlund
Contact information for Dan Hammarlund – lunduniversity.lu.se


Director of studies: Anna-Maria Persson
Contact information for Anna-Maria Persson – lunduniversity.lu.se

Physical geography and ecosystem science

Director of studies: Ulrik Mårtensson
Contact information for Ulrik Mårtensson – lunduniversity.lu.se


Director of studies: Charlotta Nilsson
Email: studierektor [at] fysik [dot] lu [dot] se (studierektor@fysik.lu.se)