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Once you have been nominated

Once you have been nominated for an exchange, there are certain things that are important for you to consider.

1) Accept the offer of an exchange place

If you want to keep your place, it is important that you reply to the nomination notification that you received via email. Remember to reply within the stated time; otherwise the place may be given to a student on the waiting list. Once you have accepted your place, we will nominate you to the host university. Your international coordinator (someone from External Relations or Kristina Miolin at the office of the Faculty of Science) will contact you via email to inform you of the details on how to proceed.

2) Apply to the host university

Once you have been nominated, it is time for you to write your application to the host university. Host universities are mainly interested in seeing which courses you have already taken and whether they relate to the courses for which you have applied. It is important that you and your study advisor agree on your study plan. When and how you are to write your application to the host university differs from one university to another. Find out what applies on the host university’s website or get help from your international coordinator.

3) Keep an eye out for the admission decision

Ultimately, it is up to the host university to decide whether or not to accept your application. The admission decision will be sent to you directly or to your international coordinator.

4) Prepare for your trip

On Lund University’s web pages on exchange studies in general, you can find information about things that are important for you to consider before your departure, while you’re away, and once you have returned to Lund. Such information includes student finance (CSN), insurance, scholarships, visas, vaccinations, student ambassadorship and credit transfers.


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