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Apply for exchange studies

1) Apply for exchange studies online

Universities outside Europe and certain Nordic universities (Nordlys)

  • 1 October – 1 November: Regular application period for exchanges the following academic year.
  • 15 January – 1 February: Application period for any remaining study places.

University of California has its own application period: 15 October–1 November for exchanges the following academic year.

Erasmus exchange (Europe)

  • 1 – 15 October: Application period for studies during the spring semester.
  • 1 February – 1 March: Application period for full year studies or studies during the autumn semester.
    Apply for Erasmus exchange by 1 March

Documents to be included in your application

  • Study plan
    Example Study plan (word)
  • CV
    Example CV (PDF, 32 kB, opens in a new window)
  • Ladok transcript showing which courses you have taken (available through the Student Portal)
  • Statement of purpose, explaining why you wish to study abroad, how your planned studies relate to your main field in Lund, and what future benefits you believe your exchange studies will have. Justify your first choice of university. Your statement of purpose must be written in English or in the relevant language of instruction, and not exceed one A4 page.

2) Wait for a nomination

Many of our exchange places receive more applicants than can be accommodated, in which case the applicants are ranked based on the number of attained credits, study results (grades) and purpose of the exchange (as described in your application). You will be notified via email whether you have been offered an exchange place or not.

Next step: Once you have been nominated

Read more about what happens once you have been nominated


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