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Postgraduate studies

Individual study plan

An individual study plan is to be drawn up in conjunction with admission to third-cycle studies. The plan is to specify the overall content and structure of your specific studies and clarify how responsibility for the completion of the studies is to be divided. The plan should be revised on an ongoing basis and must be reviewed and updated at least once a year. In conjunction with the updating of the individual study plan, the doctoral student and the supervisor can also evaluate the supervision and working situation. 

General syllabi

There is a general syllabus for each subject that lays down the framework of the third-cycle study programme.


For departments

For doctoral students


Forms related to your employment

These forms are found at the Staff Pages.

Regulative documents


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Director of Doctoral studies

Astronomy and Theoretical Physics:
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Environmental Science:
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Physical geography and ecosystem science:
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Physics and Science education:
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