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An exchange student is nominated by his or her home university. This implies that your home university has an exchange agreement, at a central, faculty or departmental level, with Lund University.

The Faculty of Science participates in many Exchange Programmes for students. Within Europe we are involved in Erasmus and Nordplus. World wide we participate in the TASSEP (EU-Canada/EU-US Consortium) exchange programme for science students and we have bilateral agreements with University of Waterloo in Canada, University of Tasmania and University of Western Ausralia in Australia, University of Ausckland in New Zeeland, Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela, American University in Cairo in Egypt and Kyushu University in Japan.

Exchange programmes

Exchange programmes for international students comming to Lund normally last for 3-12 months.We offer a large number of courses taught in English.

We offer the opportunity for students currently enroled in a Bachelor's programme, at their home university, to apply for courses on Master's level as long as they fill the specific prerequisites.

if you are interested in applying as an exchange student contact an international co-ordinator at your home university to find out if an agreement exists between your university and Lund University.

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