Master's programmes

The programmes listed below, are taught in English, and are open for application to both foreign and Swedish students. Prerequisites are a a Bachelor’s degree. Most of our Master's Programmes also have additional requirements which can vary from one programme to another. See the details under each programme description.


Atmospheric sciences and biogeochemical cycles


Biology, animal ecology

Biology, aquatic ecology

Biology, conservation biology

Biology, general

Biology, plant ecology


Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for Environmental Modelling and Management

Geographical information science



Mathematical statistics


Molecular biology, medical biology

Molecular biology, microbiology

Molecular biology, molecular genetics and biotechnology

Organizing molecular matter

Physical geography and ecosystem analysis

Physics, general

Physics, materials science

Physics, nanoscience

Physics, particle physics

Physics, photonics

Physics, theoretical physics

Protein science

Synchrotron radiation based science



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